Benefits of a Victiko Affiliate

Our affiliates are very important to us. We do our best to treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve.

best investment platform
Best conversions has been building a reputation as the best investment platform for investors worldwide. Our affiliates means high conversion rates.

Victiko affiliates
It’s simple & quick

It takes only a few minutes to place a affiliate link on your site and start generating commissions. We offer ready-to-use promotional tools and compelling referral offers, and our support team is just a few clicks away if you have any questions.

Timely payouts
Timely payouts

As an affiliate, you earn the commission every time a new customer enters and makes their first Investment at via your link. We make sure it's no hassle to collect your commission.

It’s amazing how I can start affiliate.

It’s simple to follow the link below, follow the instruction create your account and start now. Get Affiliate

Victiko affiliate-account
Well create your affiliate account with us

Create your login account and enable the affiliate program. If you don't have a Victiko account yet, you can sign up today for free.

affiliate link program
Get your affiliate link

Use your affiliate ID to refer to any Victiko page or choose one of our banners. Display the link or banner on your site whichever of your preference.

commissions grow
Watch your commissions grow!

You earn actual dollars for every new customer you refer to us. We provide real-time reporting on your earnings and regular payouts.

Real time reporting
Real-time reporting

Our detailed, real-time online reports make it easy to track your earnings and see what's working best for your site. Payouts via payment gateways or Victiko pay portal. You decide how you'd like to receive your commission payments: Unique identity or Name