Frequently Ask Question

1. What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of investment plans, designed to help investors to invest their money for fixed guaranteed returns.

2. How does our team work?

Our great team consist of highly motivated and experienced professionals in the areas of Financial Investments. Which monitors micro financial activities in the fields of Binary options trading, Cryptocurrency, and Forex trading. Which ultimately results in guaranteed profits.

3. How does your investment grow with us?

As soon as you’ve made your deposits, and choose the plan of your choice nothing else to do, except watch your investments grow. This can be fun because it means you can be anywhere you want to be in the world, and your returns will still be added to your chosen plan, without you doing anything.

4. Why invest with Victiko and how to invest?

Whether you're saving for old age or just managing your earning carefully, an investment firm like Victiko can be a huge benefit as we offer huge and guaranteed, best in the market returns with friendly online access to your money as per your plan and gives you the freedom to make your own decisions. We work personally for managing your money right way, you just can enjoy investing your money with us to grow your investment and have a wealthy lifestyle. We work more consumer-friendly financial advisors.

5. How do I deposit?

You simply can use payment getways like BITCOIN, ADVCASH, FASTPAY, NETELLER, OKPAY, PAYEER, PAYZA, PERFECT MONEY and SKRILL to make deposits.

6. Is depositing safe and secure?

Yes, it is completely safe, secure and private depositing with us, there is Secure Socket Layer technology to generate and communicate notification on every single transaction. We also ensure that your personal information is safe with us through dedicated DDoS protection.

7. Payment methods and limitations?

There are as such no limitation other than minimum Package /Plan price.

8. What is the minimum First Time Deposit?

You must deposit minimum Package/ Plan price.

9. How do I deposit by e-wallet?

There are several options available to deposit through e-wallet like BITCOIN, ADVCASH, FASTPAY, NETELLER, OK PAY, PAYEER, PAYZA, PERFECT MONEY and SKRILL to make deposits.

10. Which currencies do you offer accounts in?

We only accept and trade in $ US Dollars. No other currency.

11. Can I make a deposit using a 3rd party payment method?

Yes. You can use 3rd party payment methods to deposit.

12. Is my personal information protected while using www.victiko.com?

Yes, we have secured our website database with SSL certificate and DDoS protection we also have our privacy policy about our, investor’s personal information.

13. How do you protect the website From DDOS Attack?

To protect our website from DDOS Attack we use paid subscription plan of our hosting provider about DDoS attack protection.

14. Do you have any restrictions for any specific Geographical area?

No, not as such restriction for any Geographical area.

15. The process of Joining?

It is very simple, Just login to our web portal and submits requested documents from anywhere, anytime and you are ready to go.

16. Password resetting policy?

There is no policy as such. You simply can generate OTP to your registered email address and or your registered mobile number and reset your password using simple steps.

17. How many times can a single user deposit funds in his/her account?

There is no limitation as such you can deposit funds in your account for n number of times.

18. What is the limit of single user Account?

There is no any limit for the single user account.

19. What are the possibilities of Wallet Transfers?

You can only transfer funds to the same wallet you deposit through with withdrawal. There is no option to transfer wallet to wallet or else to someone else wallet.

20. What are the Modes of Fund Transfers (Deposit And Withdrawal)?

You can deposit or else withdraw funds only through e-wallets like BITCOIN, ADVCASH, NETELLER, PAYEER, WESTERN UNION, PERFECT MONEY and SKRILL to make deposits.

21. Limitations of Withdrawal?

You can withdraw once in a week and that would be through weekly payout on Sundays with withdrawal charges of 5%.

22. How is Withdrawal requisition processed?

There is a process to withdraw you need to raise a request through your login panel for withdrawal which would take time from 0 to 48 Hrs.

23. Are Withdrawals chargeable?

Yes, we charge 5% on withdrawal.

24. Is Promotion of Victiko source Investments limited to spams?

Yes we do not allow spammers on Victiko rather be block spammers

25. What is the age exceptions?

Age expectation is 18 years at least as per law worldwide.

26. What are the Refunds policies in Membership Payment?

We make a yearly contract with every investor according to which we bind to contract which enforces us for no refunds until said contract ends.

27. How can I earn my Commissions?

You can earn attractive commissions through our affiliate program.
Follow the links below.

28. How Do I Submit A Support Ticket?

You just can log in to your portal and submit the support ticket through live Message chat in your login panel or through email or else simply call to our customer service desk and ask for support.
Follow the links below.

29. How Many People Can I Refer?

You can refer to people as much as you can.

30. What are the functions of referral/Affiliate Commission?

Functions of referral/Affiliate Commission is to bring maximum leads to us and conversion of leads with us and finally instant commission deposit to our affiliate
Find affiliate link below Explore here for affiliate tools, Guide, and banners.

31. Can I visit your office for a meeting?

You can visit our office or can arrange a meeting with us anytime with prior appointments.

32. Can I change My Sponsor after I join?

Yes, you can. Just contact our customer support anytime and raise the request.

33. Can I create multiple accounts using the same email?

No, you are restricted to create only one account using single email.

34. Is it possible to deposit money via one currency and withdraw via another?

No, you can only make all your transactions in $ USD.

35. What time is the Referral/Affiliate Income Generated?

Immediately after your lead is converted.

36. How do I get started?

You can start creating a login on our website through following simple steps.
Follow the log in guide on below link

37. What payment processors do you accept?


38. What is the minimum investment amount?

You can make the minimum investment as per our Package/ Plan price listed or $100.

39. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is $5.

40. After I make a withdrawal request, when will be the funds available on my e-currency account?

Once you make a withdrawal request it can take from 0 to 48 hrs.

41. Am I limited to using only one payment processor for all deposits?


42. How do you calculate the interest on my account?

It is as per your selected plan.

43. Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can have more than one account.

44. Can family members create accounts on shared computers?

Yes, they can.

45. I forgot my password! Can I recover it?

Yes, you can use simple password recovery method or follow password recovery steps given in below link or else you can contact our customer support any time for the same.

46. What if I forgot email address? Can that be recovered?

Yes, you have an alternative of a registered mobile number or you can contact our customer support any time for the same.

47. I lost access to my email account, can I change the email address I signed up with?

You can contact our customer support anytime and get your query resolved.

48. Can I have more than one active deposit?

Yes, you can make more than one active deposits.

49. How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our customer support number or else through emailing us on below email address.

50. Can you send me a brochure?

Yes, we can, just provide your email address on below link and mention in comments about brochure request. Or download E-brochure from below link.

51. Who determines interest rates?

It depends upon overall company performance. And also we have our policies and guidelines to determine best interest rates.

52. How do you make profits in your trading?

We have an experienced team of experts who trade in Binary option, Cryptocurrency and Forex trade with calculated risk. Our finance team does microfinance studies, generates various graphs and charts, and uses various tools to analyze, evaluate and interpret financial data in order to generate an average trade profit every day. You also can visit us or else talk to our customer care for your queries.